Workshops + Trainings


I’ve designed and presented workshops and trainings from groups of 5 to 100, from college community groups to large-scale nonprofit organizations. I excel in creating dynamic, engaging, and accessible workshops that provide both understanding and practical tools to implement that understanding. Also, there’s no guilt here - only tools and strategies to move forward!


My rates are totally sliding scale, depending on your organization’s budget.

Need a bit more guidance? Here are some example pricing structures!

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Power, Privilege, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trainings

How can your group, organization, or business make sure diversity, equity and inclusion are at the forefront of how you make decisions, treat your staff and coworkers, plan your event, etc.? I can help!

“Abeni is knowledgeable and brought concepts to my mind that I haven’t thought of before… Had great energy, environment felt welcoming and friendly. Wonderful presentation.”


Trans/Gender 101

Still curious about the whole “transgender” thing? Don’t know the difference between gender and sexuality? Want to make your organization more affirming and welcoming to gender-expansive folks? This workshop is for you.

“This was one of the best trainings on the subject that I’ve experienced in my twelve-some-odd-years of providing services to folks.”

Challenging Transphobia in the Women’s Movement

Are you a feminist worried your analysis isn’t inclusive enough of trans women and other gender-expansive folks? Work for a “women’s” organization that needs to update its 3rd-wave feminist framework to better address today’s needs? I’m your girl.

“I didn’t know that I needed this workshop. But I so did.”

How To Take Care of Each Other: Community Care in Times of Crisis

My flagship workshop, presented around the country in 2018 and 2019. Soon to be a book! This workshop, based on the principles of disability and healing justice, provides a practical framework and tools to break down the stigma around asking for help and build a vibrant community of care in your own life. Based on these two articles!

“Abeni’s workshop created a much needed space for dialogue about creating community in a much more effective way than I have ever seen before. Her way of interweaving her lived experiences with practical advice changed the way I thought about asking for help and about the concept of self care.”


Keynote Speeches

Do you want an engaging, cogent speaker to fire up the energy of the folks attending your conference? I specialize in keynote speeches providing thoughtful, meaningful approaches to the political and social questions of our day.

“I want you to know this—YOU changed ME! And that is no small thing!”


A Custom-Designed Workshop Just For Your Group or Organization

Do you have a unique situation that needs a critical, knowledgeable, compassionate thinker, well-versed in theories of oppression, diversity, liberation, and justice? I might be your girl. Examples of custom workshops done in the past:

  • “Doing Right by Queer & Trans Foster Youth”
    First Place For Youth, Oakland, CA

  • "Power and Privilege in Therapeutic Relationships"
    Berkeley Free Clinic, Berkeley, CA

  • “Reducing Bias in Hiring Practices”
    Camp Kesem, Los Angeles, CA

  • “Assuring Trans Women’s Safety While Abroad”
    Move to End Violence, Washington, DC

  • ”Creating Possibilities: How We Move Towards Life”
    Haas Public Service Leaders, Berkeley, CA