Workshop Facilitation

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Workshop Facilitation

I have been a middle and high school teacher, and workshop facilitator, for over seven years. I excel at creating dynamic, engaging lessons around race, gender, oppression, community building, and power dynamics for all age groups, from middle school students to corporations.

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Recent Workshops and Trainings:

"Challenging Transphobia in the Women's Movement" Empowering Women of Color Conference, Berkeley, CA, March 2017

"How to Take Care of Each Other: Community Care in Times of Crisis" TRANScend Conference, Yorkville, CA, October 2017 & October 2018

"Power and Privilege in Therapeutic Relationships" Berkeley Free Clinic, Berkeley, CA, February 2018

“Reducing Bias in Hiring Practices” Camp Kesem, Los Angeles, CA, February 2018

"How to Take Care of Each Other: Community Care in Times of Crisis" True Colors Conference, UCONN, CT, March 2018

"How to Take Care of Each Other: Community Care in Times of Crisis" Facing Race, Detroit, MI, November 2018



“Abeni’s workshop created a much needed space for dialogue about creating community in a much more effective way than I have ever seen before. Her way of interweaving her lived experiences with practical advice changed the way I thought about asking for help and about the concept of self care.”


"This was the best workshop of the conference. You gave us clear information on how we can build our communities of support starting now! This information, [is] critical for those in the LGBTQ+ community, especially trans folks."


"This presentation was amazing. I learned a lot. I felt engaged, and I definitely got new perspectives on how to take care of myself + others."


"Very informative talk on privilege and oppression, it made me very introspective and gave me a lot to think about and process. [Abeni was] well prepared and thorough and gave a lot of compelling ideas in a compelling delivery."


“Wonderful and useful tools and exercises that anyone can use and find helpful. Inspirational and for me a life-changer. I appreciated your words of wisdom!”