Not Just Murder Victims: A Plea on Trans Day of Visibility

Most media outlets take it as a foregone conclusion that trans people are facing an “epidemic” of homicide. But are we really? And more importantly, does this emphasis on homicide do more harm than good?


The Singing Tree

When you left, you wrote that no one would mourn your loss. That it wouldn't make an impact. That you'd pass out of the world as anonymously as you'd entered it. You were wrong.


Beyond Self-Care Bubble Baths: A Vision for Community Care

If I and other people with certain disabilities are going to survive, we need care — and not from ourselves. Because when it gets really bad for me, self-care is literally impossible. In those moments, I need community care.


Bad Religion

I’ve always had trouble with the concept of unconditional love. Is it possible? Is it even desirable? Are we really meant to bow down to our beloved, commit our lives to them no matter the circumstances, love them whether we’re really getting anything in return?