tall girl threads - clothing by and for trans women

If you're tired of getting read as a cis woman (ew), couldn't care less about passing, or otherwise wanna make it clear to everyone around you that you're trans, this line of shirts is for you. And/or if you're queer/gay and want to mess with and confuse the TERF-y lesbians in your life, check out the Gold Star one. 

All shirts will be $20 plus shipping (but COULD be less if I get a bunch of pre-orders!). Pickup for free in the SF Bay Area. 

Note: Site is under construction; those "learn more" buttons don't work yet. To pre-order please e-mail abeni.jones@gmail.com and I'll let you know when these are available! Sometime in April 2018!



Passing politics got you down? Let the world know that you're secretly a transsexual with this shirt.

Available as an extra-long t-shirt or tank top in black or heather grey. Photos forthcoming. 


Broader Shoulders, Bigger Heart

We all know that trans girls do it better. Show all the ladies that you've got a bigger... heart than their boyfriends, by proudly wearing this shirt!


Gold Star Bisexual

"Gold Star Lesbian" is usually a code-word for "TERF." Flip the script with this t-shirt!

This one's available in standard sizes (bi/queer cis allies, you can and should wear this shirt too!) as well as tall sizes, on tanks and tees.